Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Makes You Come Alive?

Today is Tuesday, July 30, 2013. 

We need to remember who we are. 

It seems strange to think that we are not allowed to know who we truly are when we come into this life.  For many lifetimes, we are under the impression that we do know, but at some point, a certain restlessness sets in, and we wonder why we are here, and what the meaning of life is.  That's when we also start to ask, "Who am I?"  

Like a key that fits into a lock, this question, asked sincerely, opens us up to certain experiences that can give us a clue to all three questions:  Who am I?  Why am I here?  What is the meaning of life? 

A general answer can be given, but each and every one of us has to experience the answer for ourselves in order to be able to process it.  The general answer is that you are Soul, a spark of God, and you have come here, to this physical earth, to learn some things, teach some things, and grow spiritually.  Your ultimate purpose – everyone's ultimate purpose  – is to be of service to God.

If this sounds like drudgery to you, then I can guarantee that you haven't found your area of service yet, because when you do, you will realize that it is something you love to do, something you are very good at, something that excites you, challenges you, and keeps you on your toes. 

Why don't we come into this life knowing what it's all about so we don't waste so much time?  It seems that the principle here may be, "Half the fun is getting there."  We're here to learn, and we must do this on our own steam.  We learn by experience, and we are in a place where free will is possible.  Apparently, God did not mean for us to be robots.  Rather, God wants us to learn how to exercise our free will in ways that benefit all life.  God wants each of us to ask the questions for himself or herself.  That way, our free will is never taken away from us. 

Everything happens for a reason.

It takes many lifetimes for Soul to learn all of this, and yet nothing is a waste of time. Everything that happens in every single lifetime offers the potential for learning.  Slowly, we learn qualities such as patience, discrimination, detachment, humility, perseverance, tolerance, balance, and discipline.  Lifetime after lifetime, we learn what it means to give and receive absolutely unconditional love.

Each and every thing that happens in your life is an opportunity to learn something that will assist you in realizing your ultimate purpose in life.  You may not see the connection just now, but there is one.  Perhaps you just need to learn a bit more about self-discipline.  Maybe you need a crash course in humility.  Or maybe you just need to brush up on your ability to set and prioritize goals.  Whatever you are working on now will be useful to you now and in the future.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive.

The best way to discover your individual purpose in life is to figure out what interests you, what fascinates you, what makes you come alive.  When you find it, no matter what it is, go for it.  Whatever obstacles you find in your quest to achieve your goal are there for you to learn from.  

Keep in mind that the thing you do best may not be the thing that you do for a living.  It may be more of an avocation or you may think of it as an "interest" or a hobby.  If it doesn't make you any money, you may feel guilty about spending too much time on it, but you will find that when you make some of your free time available for this activity, you are refreshed and renewed, and able to do your paying job more productively. 

If you have already found what you love to do, you are very fortunate.  You may wish to take it up a notch, now.  If you haven't figured out your passion in life, start now.  Ask the questions:  Who am I?  Why am I here?  What is the meaning of life?   Then be open to the answers that you get, no matter how improbable or impossible they may seem.  Pay attention to your dreams.  Pay attention to "coincidences."  Pay attention to opportunities.   :-)

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